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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good morning! Because the proposed bike path goes along our property line on Washington Rd., I contacted Phil Quade and asked him about it. He said it has been in planning for a couple of years, that it wouldn't involve many of our trees, and the township has a 100' easement for the former U.S. 31.

Later, I wrote and asked for a plan of the proposed bike path, and received in the mail a detailed engineering drawing of the proposed route. It looks to me as though it involves more than "a few trees". I wrote to Phil asking for documentation on the 100' easement. His reply was only the same - it's there because of the highway. No citation of easement documents, etc.

We subscribe to the Commercial Record, and we follow the township doings faithfully. We have seen nothing in the past couple of years about any proposed bike path. As property owners we have not received any official notice, no public hearings, etc. So again, I ask -

Where is the money to carry this forward? Where is the planning commission recommendation?
Where are the documents to support this supposed 100' easement? My understanding has always been that roads normally involved a 66' right of way.

So, What is going on here?

Anybody know anything?


  • I know that people should Support bike paths!

    Bike paths benefit communities.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:16 AM  

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