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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Open comments now available

Hey, folks. I didn't know how to make the comments bar open to all until today. A friend, Jill Zimon, of Walks like she talks blog gave me a tip. Now anyone can sign in with a comment, and not have to login. So, welcome aboard!

Not much to say today. We've been very busy getting our home here for sale, preparatory to moving to a new home near our Daughter in Macedona, Oh. That won't happen for about five months, however, and we are looking forward to spending a few months among friends in Saugatuck, after this place is sold. We'll store everything here, and "move" to Saugatuck for the intervening time.

Not much else to add at this point. I'm still concerned that no one seems concerned about the proposed Bike Path along Holland/Washington.

'Bye for now.



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