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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So, now it's semi-official. I read it in the Commercial Record. The bike path is going to go through. Still no notice of public hearings, notification to affected property owners, nothing in the township minutes.

Scott Schwachow's comments and objections were timely and well stated. He was asked "where the others who object", he replied "I'm here".

Well, here's another objector. We think the idea is great, but the path will be made at too much costly expenditure of outrage to have trees removed, affected property violated, etc.

None of us ever heard anything about a 100 foot right of way for Washington Rd. until now.

My father in law, the late Edwin House, may have given an easement for the construction of U.S. 31 when it was routed through town on part of the route of old Michigan M 11, but U.S. 31 was re-routed across the new bridge in 1936, and the old 31 ceased to be a federal highway.

Are we to assume that all easements given for 31 prior to 1936 are still in force? I have seen no documentation on this at all! All I have been told is that "we have a 100 foot right of way".

That's not documentation, by any stretch of the imagination!

So again I ask,

What's going on here? Where are the other property owners? How do we stop this?


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