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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well, I see that the township has now placed the proposed bike path on their website, under updated news. As of June 21! Isn't that a bit late to first make the public aware of this?

Also, I have learned that this project is called a CMAQ non motorized facility. The stated purpose is to redcuce harmful emissions by providing non motorized access to jobs and shopping. It is NOT for recreational purposes!

It seems to me that this proposed bike path would not serve the Saugatuck/Laketown area very well. How many residents will now use bicycles or walking, to get to work or shopping? Almost all of the walkers and bikers I have observed along Holland St./Washington Rd. are purely recreational. So how doess the township justify the expenditure of our tax dollars, Federal, State and local, for this project? I seriously doubt that it can!

This, added to the fact that to this date, I, as a property owner along this route, have recived no notification of the townships intent. No hearings, no requests for easements, etc. All I have been told is that it's been in the works for about two years, and that consstruction is scheduled for this fall. AND that the township has a 100 foot right of way along Holland St./Washington Rd. This I very much doubt, and question. I have asked the township manager, Phil Quade, for documentation to support this claim, and have received only the statement that "the township has a 10o' right of way"! This is documentation? Not in my book!

So, I repeat, what do you think? What is going on here?


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