Saugatuck Good Government

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Further intelligence! I have now learned that the proposed bike path through Saugatuck does NOT have to be separated from the road! It can be merely added to the already existing 4' path along Holland St. and Washington Rd! If that were to happen, it would solve a number of problems, complaints, etc. How about it, Township Board? Is that a good idea, or what?

The matter of ramming something like this through, without any notice to affected property owners, with no discussion in the planning commission, and no notice of any public discussion, is local government at its worst! It's very bad, and should be remedied at the earliest possible moment. And I mean the next election!

Let's get with it, township residents. Let's elect a board that is accountable, transparent, and will employ a manager who knows what he is doing, and doesn't try this sort of sleight of hand.


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